What is the BRACKS lacelock?

The BRACKS lacelocks are shoelace clips that prevent your shoelaces from coming undone. These shoe lace locks can be used at any kind of lace-up shoes.


How does the lace lock work?


The BRACKS lace lock is ready to go with just three easy steps.
First you tie your shoelace with only a single knot. Then you slide the rigid part underneath the knot and pull the elastic part of the lace lock over the knot. Now your knot is secured with the BRACKS lacelock.



Bracks lacelock schuiven onder knoop


Shoe lace locks available in many colors

BRACKS has shoe lace locks in 35 color combinations. You can choose a combination to match (or even mismatch) your BRACKS lacelock to your favorite pair of lace-up shoes.

The BRACKS lace lock keeps shoelaces from untying

Everybody is aware of the common problem and irritation of loose shoelaces. Moreover loose shoelaces can be dangerous in numerous situations.

BRACKS is an innovative lace lock system made of lightweight materials that can be easily clicked to your shoelaces. Once clicked, no more loose shoelaces.
Only a single knot is sufficient. So no double knot that’s so hard to untie (especially when the laces are wet).

BRACKS are made in the Netherlands and constructed of high quality materials. The BRACKS team has been putting a lot of emphasis on quality and durability. Due to the perfect mix of materials, design and ergonomic shapes BRACKS is a simple and unique solution for the shoelace problem that is known to everyone around the globe.

BRACKS are simple, easy to apply and durable.

With the BRACKS lace lock your shoelaces don’t keep coming undone anymore.

Frequently asked questions

My shoelaces keep coming undone, what can I do?

Simple: just tie your shoelaces with only a single knot and secure the knot with the BRACKS lace lock.

What makes these shoelace clips unique from others?

Because the BRACKS lace lock is not an integrated system in your shoe, you can easily switch the BRACKS between your lace-up shoes.