Tying shoelaces: The 7 best ways to tie your laces!

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Tying shoelaces: The 7 best ways to tie your laces!

You can tie your shoelaces in several ways, this can be creative, fast or very easy. If you have just bought a new pair of shoes, it is nice to tie your new shoes in a creative way. Tying your shoelaces should also be effective and ensure that your shoelaces remain tied. Creative tying your shoelaces does not have to take much time at all, in this blog we give you the 7 best ways to tie your shoelaces.

1. The easy way to tie laces

The most obvious way to tie your shoelaces is the easy tie method. You use the standard knot to tie.

Step 1: Tighten your laces by pulling the left lace to the left and the right lace to the right.
Step 2: Make a loop with one of the shoelaces.
Step 3: Grab the other shoelace and wrap it around the loop.
Step 4: Pull your lace through the hole of the loop, making sure to form a second loop.
Step 5: Grasp both loops and pull them tight.

This is the easiest way to tie your laces, it is the most used way to tie your laces. Many athletes indicate that this makes it easy to tie your laces during exercise.

2. The fast way to tie your laces

During exercise it is important that you can tie your laces quickly. By fastening your laces quickly you can save time while running, for example.

Grab both laces and slide one lace under the other and pull it tight.
Then grasp both laces with three fingers.
Move your left hand underneath your lace and with your right hand above your laces.
Now grab both laces crosswise and pull them tight, the laces are now tied super fast!

This is the fastest way to tie your shoelaces as fast as possible during exercise!

3. The creative way to tie your shoelaces

Tying laces in a creative way is totally hip these days! There are several ways to tie your laces creatively. The three most creative ways of tying shoelaces are the following:
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The Zipper-style is characterized by the fact that it is a very nice but sleek way of tying your shoelaces. It may look difficult and sophisticated, but it turns out to be very easy to tie your laces creatively this way!
The Checkerboard-style is one of the most difficult ways to tie your laces, but it is one of the most creative ways to tie laces! It is like a chessboard of laces on your shoe.
Finally, we have the Lattice-style of tying shoelaces. This Lattice style looks very nice. The laces are creatively tied in a way where the laces cross each other from bottom to top.

4. Tie laces in a special way

It is very nice to tie your laces in a special way, this makes you stand out from others. The tying method below is one of the most special ways to tie your shoelaces.

The Hidden knot way is a playful but special way to tie your shoelace. The laces make a kind of path from bottom right to the middle left, then back to the right to end up at the top left at the knot of the laces.
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5. Put your laces in your shoes

What is often done nowadays is to keep laces untied in shoes. The laces are then simply put in the shoe while they are not tied. It is the principle of putting your laces in your shoes without tying them. This way is seen as a kind of “style” among the youth. It is ofcourse very easy to put your laces in your shoes without having to tie them.

6. Laces you don’t have to tie

Another way, but not the real way of tying, is laces that you don’t have to tie. These laces are, as it were, directly attached to your shoe, so that your shoe ultimately fits tight without tying your laces. Ofcourse it is less fun if you have laces that you do not have to tie.

7. Keep your shoelaces tied with a lacelock

A lacelock is the perfect way to tie shoelaces and to keep laces tied. The best lacelock is the BRACKS lacelock, because this lacelock keeps your laces tied after you have tied the knot. In addition to keeping your laces tied, it is also a nice accessory for your shoes. That the accessory is also available in 35 different color combinations is a big plus!
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