white bracks lacelock

As a parent, teacher or coach you will know the annoyance of loose shoe laces with children. The BRACKS are shoe lace locks for kids. They can be used on all their pairs of lace up shoes: on kids sneakers on their school day or on the playground. Also sporting shoes at the training and match. Parents, teachers and coaches will be happy when using the lock laces for the kids. 

Do BRACKS lace locks work in children’s shoes?

Yes, definitely. The BRACKS are one size fits all. Even kids can tie their knots themselves (only a loose knot is sufficient) and then attach the BRACKS on the knot.

Note: The BRACKS are not suitable for children under 4 years old because of the small parts which may be swallowed.

How can I store the shoe lace locks for toddlers?

Once the BRACKS are removed and the shoes taken off you can attach the BRACKS lace lock on the lace cross of the shoe. So you can easily store your BRACKS on your shoes. Easy peasy.

white bracks lacelock

BRACKS Lace lock video

Never failed!

They have never once failed to keep my laces in place. They have done exactly what they were meant to do, faultlessly.

Calvin S.


I am very satisfied with the BRACKS lacelock, my son and I both wear them during exercise. My son has never had loose laces again, ideal as a father along the line haha!

Troy G.


Well done for designing and making such a good product! I’m using my BRACKS for 3 months now and I’ve never had loose laces again. Very happy with them!

Anne W.