bracks running lacelock

The best Running lace lock

Are you at the start of a marathon or just preparing for your ordinary outdoor run? Be sure that your shoelaces are well tied! But even then you are not guaranteed of tied shoelaces during your run.

BRACKS is the best runners lace lock. The BRACKS will keep your laces tied during your run. Our running lace lock is simple but very effective.

How does the running lace lock work?

The BRACKS are simple to use. Just tie your laces with only a single knot. Then attach the BRACKS and your laces will be secured during your run. Once clicked, never untied laces! Easy peasy.

Done with your run? Just open the BRACKS and remove it from your knot. Then simply untie your single knot. So no problem anymore with untying a tight double knot (especially when your laces are wet).

bracks running lacelock

Are lace locks good for running?

As an athlete you want to start well prepared on your run: your favorite running shoes, the right apparel for the weather conditions, for longer runs you will need nutrition and (sports) drinks of course. Ever thought about using shoelace locks? 

Untied laces never happened to you before? You are lucky. Even professional athletes will know the problem and annoyance of untied shoelaces (during their run).

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing Usain Bolt ran the 100m final on his shoes with golden laces. He broke the 100m World Record despite running with a untied shoelace. This could have ended differently, but Bolt was lucky. And by the way: how much faster would he have been when the lace did not come undone?

So better safe than sorry!

The best running gadget for runners

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The BRACKS are real cool running gadgets and available in many colors.

Buy your pair of BRACKS now.

BRACKS Lace lock video

Never failed!

They have never once failed to keep my laces in place. They have done exactly what they were meant to do, faultlessly.

Calvin S.


I am very satisfied with the BRACKS lacelock, my son and I both wear them during exercise. My son has never had loose laces again, ideal as a father along the line haha!

Troy G.


Well done for designing and making such a good product! I’m using my BRACKS for 3 months now and I’ve never had loose laces again. Very happy with them!

Anne W.